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Fundamentally Fairfax

Yes, we've weathered our fair share of storms in Fairfax, Oklahoma. But, rather than being remembered for the setbacks, we'd rather be remembered for our comebacks...

Take the tornadoes of 2018 that ripped through town leaving much debris and devastation in their wake. We could have shrunk back and given in - but you know what we did?

We pressed on and had our Fall Festival and danced in the streets - as a community - because that is just what we do in Fairfax. We survive. We pick up the pieces. We rally together. And we support each other.

It's not a new thing - it's a Fairfax thing. Take the tragic happenings during the reign of terror depicted in David Grann's novel, Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI. Not long after the betrayal and brutal murders of Osages a "renaissance" began. As if to counter the fear and depression that accompanied the reign of terror - Osage tribal member, Alex Tall Chief, built a splendid theater in the middle of town. It bore his name and that of the Big Hill Osage band of which he was a member. Born about this time were his daughters, Maria and Marjorie - who would dance on the stage of the Tall Chief Theater a few years later before growing up and becoming world-renowned ballerinas.

The Tall Chief Theater still stands today in downtown Fairfax and is undergoing restoration efforts. If you would like to join the resilience, aid the restoration, and be part of something sure to be inspiring - here is your chance to make a positive difference and help the Fairfax Community Foundation #SaveTheTallChief and continue the legacy.

*Content taken from "The Tall Chief Theatre, An Oklahoma and National Treasure," by the Fairfax Community Foundation. Photo credits: The Fairfax Chief


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