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The Fairfax Community Foundation (FCF) is dedicated to building a stronger community and enhancing the quality of life in Fairfax and the surrounding community through the support of activities that make a deep and lasting positive impact on both the infrastructure and the lives of all community members. We strive to make Fairfax a place that young and old are proud to call home and a place where visitors are welcomed and will want to return.


The FCF sees Fairfax flourishing as a potent symbol of the resiliency of American Indians and specifically the Osage people and as a place where ALL peoples strive to become their “better selves”.


The vision comes from the singularly unique history of this small American village. Located on the historic Osage Indian Reservation, home of the Big Hill Osages, now the Gray Horse Osages it has the distinction of having over a half-dozen books, dozens of articles, poems and short stories written about the Osage people. Both tragedies and triumphs have visited our small town. The tragedy called the “reign of terror” chronicled in the bestselling book “Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI” by David Grann and now made into a movie by noted Director Martin Scorsese, to be released perhaps in 2023.


Not long after the betrayal and brutal murders of Osages a “renaissance” began. As if to counter the fear and depression that accompanied the reign of terror Osage Tribal member Alex Tall Chief built a splendid theater in the middle of town. It bore his name and that of the Big Hill Osage band he was a member of. Born about this same time were his daughter’s Maria and Marjorie. As if to build on the theaters success and under the tutelage of Alex’s wife Ruth Maria and Marjorie would become world famous ballerinas. Maria would come to be called America’s first prima ballerina. From the ashes of the reign of terror, the Tall Chief Theater and the success of the Tall Chief ballerinas helped the town and Osages everywhere move from tragedy to triumph. A journey the Foundation hopes to continue.


The FCF believes the community must now fully embrace our singular history and pay respect to our Osage ancestors who were betrayed and murdered and pay homage to the Tall Chief ballerinas who helped both Osages and others regain pride, dignity and self-respect. It is a worthy Oklahoma and national story! The Foundation fully acknowledges the accomplishments of non-Osage citizens who have contributed to Fairfax’s betterment and seeks to recognizes their contributions to making Fairfax a more decent, humane and good place to live and raise children. Blame has no place in our Mission, we believe all people are capable of good and evil and our goal is to encourage the good in all of us.


Our Mission will be accomplished by both tangible and intangible efforts. Tangible efforts will include creating a memorial to the Osage victims of the reign of terror, restoring the Tall Chief Theater as a tribute to the Osage ballerinas, to be named The Maria and Marjorie Tallchief Performing Arts Center. Intangible efforts include providing a venue for people everywhere to learn about this history and how we are all better served by recognizing our failings and strengths, so that we can embrace our shared humanity.


The Fairfax Community Foundation seeks donors who share or appreciate the importance of our Mission.

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